Our Story

POP! Social Market
203A Mastic Beach Road, Mastic Beach, NY
631-977-0132 ~ @PopSocialMarket


"POP! Social Market" will be a market specializing in unique types of soda-pop from around the country, and around the world. People love soda, but there's more out there than Pepsi and Coke, and we hope to introduce people to the wonderful varieties that exist. As well, we'll eventually stock other unique beverages - like teas, coffees, and juices. Still, soda-pop will be at the heart.  Located on Mastic Beach Road, across from William Floyd High School, we hope to welcome our fellow Mastic-Shirley citizens of all ages!

However, POP! has a double meaning. We also love pop music and want to incorporate it into our market as well. We'll build a collection of Pop vinyl records for play, and for sale.  A "DJ booth" will be set up where guests can choose the soundtrack to our fun environment. Eventually, we hope to develop a nice inventory of pop vinyls for sale, as well. Pop music and culture will also be an integral aspect of our design, too.

Since it is a market, there will be various light foods available to compliment the soda-pop. From on-the-go treats, to salty snacks, we'll make sure guests can satisfy all of their cravings. Keeping with the Pop theme, a favorite of ours will be popcorn - and lollipops!

Finally, it's not just a store - it's a social market. What does that mean? That means we want guests to hang out, spend some time and be social with their friends, family, and with us! A market is a place where goods are exchanged; and in our case the goods are both the products we will sell as well as the vibrant personalities our guests can bring to the table (literally!). Our village does not have many options for people to just hang out and be social amongst others while enjoying a beverage and good music; we want to provide that. POP! Social Market will be stocked with board games under each table, and we hope it inspires socialization! Also, we hope to act as an event space for those looking for the perfect venue for their next party. 

Our slogan is "Sip. Play. Be" because we want to be a place where you can sip on your favorite beverage, play your favorite music and games, be yourself and, of course, be social! So, please, come sip, play, and be with us this summer (before and/or after a day at Smith Point Beach), at POP! Social Market.